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Comprehensive building of Xi'an Municipal Audit Bureau
Date:2016-01-10 14:48:52    Hits:6950

Comprehensive building of Xi'an Municipal Audit Bureau was located in Labor Road No. 145,Xi'an City . It was invested by Xi'an City Audit Bureau. Xi'an Investigation and Surveying and Mapping Institute surveyed it. It was designed by Architectural Design and Research Institute of Shaanxi Province, supervised by Shaanxi Province of Shaanxi Province Construction supervision Co., Ltd. ,constructed by Shaanxi construction industry , the second construction company .The project manager was Ning Shuangsheng It started in April 2006 was completed and accepted on August 30, 2008 . The project has been awarded as Shaanxi Provincial Civilized Site, Xi'an city Building Demonstration Project, New Technology Demonstration Project in Shaanxi Province, in 2009 it obtained high-Quality Engineering in Xi'an city "the Yantacup" award, Shaanxi Province Quality Engineering "Chang'an cup" award.

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