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Xi'an Bank of communications office building
Date:2016-01-10 14:49:43    Hits:6891

Xi'an Jiaotong bank office building was located in the northeast corner in Xihua gate cross of the North Street .It was invested by the Xi'an Branch of the Bank of Communications, surveyed by Shaanxi Engineering Survey Institute designed by Shanghai Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd., supervised by Shaanxi built northwest Engineering Supervision Co., Ltd. ,constructed by Shaanxi Province, the Sixth Construction Company of The second construction company , and the project manager was Kang Shifeng .It started on August 2 2003 ,and was completed on March 21, 2005. In 2004,it was accepted by the Provincial and Civilized Construction Site ; in 2005 ,it won the Quality Engineering in Xi'an city "the Yanta Cup" award; Shaanxi Province Quality Engineering "Chang'an Cup" award.

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