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Baoji Commercial Bank of China office building
Date:2016-01-10 17:03:57    Hits:6871

Baoji Commercial Bank of China office building was  located in the eastern section of the second road, Baoji,. It was  invested and constructed by Baoji branch of the ICBC , surveyed by Minitry of Machinery Industry Survey Research Institute , designed by China Northwest Building Design Institute , constructed by Shaanxi Province, the second construction company, and the project manager was  Tong Huaizhang. The project started on August 18, 1994 and was completed on December 10, 1997 .In 1999 ,it won high Quality Engineering in Shaanxi Province "Chang'an cup and in 2000 it was named as the"  National Customer Satisfaction Project in2000"by China Quality Management Association user committee.

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